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About Utilities & Services

Utilities and services are an essential part of all of our lives but they also mean bills. Let’s face it none of us enjoy a bill coming through our letterbox or into our inboxes but fear not because we’ve provided ways to get money off your payments. Keeping your finances on track and having a clear understanding of when and where your direct debits and standing orders are going is extremely important. If you are not on top of payments they can quickly sink you into the dreaded red zone. Let vouchercloud assist you with your outgoings for utilities and services.

There’s plenty of bills in most of our lives including water, electricity and gas, broadband, car tax and phone bills. Then there’s the extra beneficial services we pay for such as the gym or dance lessons. Luckily there are plenty of ways to get some money off these payments. We work with leading utilities and services providers to bring you free trials and bonuses when you sign up to contracts. Look out for savings on annual memberships and loyalty benefits too.